Weaving Machine

The weaving machine includes the original shuttle looms and the new shuttleless looms. The shuttleless looms mainly include rapier looms, air jet looms, water jet looms and projectile looms. The performance of our looms is comparable to today's internationally advanced weaving machines. It has a reasonable frame and warp tension control system, which can make the weaving high-speed heavy fabric stable, and the weft insertion system is energy-efficient. The utility model has an ultra-stable frame, which improves the rigidity of the frame, reduces the deformation of the frame during the operation, enhances the deformation of the frame during the operation of the whole machine, and enhances the running stability of the whole machine.
The development of our weaving machinery products has the following characteristics:
1. Computer control technology and electronic jacquard technology have been widely used in various types of knitting machinery products, and are used in circular weft knitting machines, flat knitting machines, socks machines, artificial fur machines and warp knitting warping machines. Electronic jacquard improves the technical level of the machine.
2. Our product specifications series are relatively complete.
3. We also enhance the versatility of the machine. For example, the four-needle track, the loop and the weft-input single-side machine in the single-sided circular weft machine can be converted to each other, and one machine can be used more. Within a certain range, the syringes of different specifications of the same machine can be exchanged with each other to realize multi-standard use of one machine; mechanical jacquard and electronic jacquard machines can be converted and so on.
We are a professional manufacturers and suppliers of weaving machine. Our company has been focusing on textile machinery for many years. Providing you with the best quality and price weaving machine with competitive price and excellent service, we are looking forward to your cooperation.
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