Warping Machine

Warping machines are mainly divided into two categories: batch warping machines and sectional warping machines. The section warping machine has a yarn storage device and belongs to a textile machine. The utility model has a transmission member, a swing arm shaft, a swing arm provided with a yarn storage roller and fixedly coupled with the swing arm shaft, a yarn clamp and a roller fixing seat. It also has a swing arm rotating cylinder, a rotating arm, a rotating shaft, a clamping cylinder, two proximity switches, and a gas path including two solenoid valves.
The piston rod of the swing arm cylinder is hinged with the rotating arm, the rotating arm is fixedly coupled with the rotating shaft, and the rotating shaft and the swing arm shaft are connected by a transmission member. The yarn clamping cylinder corresponds to the yarn clamp and can be fixed to the frame. The two proximity switches are respectively disposed at positions close to the swing arm shaft, and the two proximity switches can be electrically connected to the two solenoid valves included in the air passage through the controller as their main features. The segmentation warping machine of the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable action and convenient adjustment.
Our warping machines have extensively adopted advanced technologies in computer, communication, AC variable frequency speed regulation, full digital AC servo positioning control, subdivided step control, hydraulic clamp brake, automatic compensation type tensioner and static elimination device. It is widely used in weaving, weaving, weaving, silk weaving and all kinds of chemical fiber filaments.
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