Sizing Machine

In the weaving process, the warp yarns are subjected to a variety of forces and complex deformation occurs. Therefore, the warp yarn is usually sized before the warp yarn is woven, so that the slurry penetrates into the warp yarn to increase its tensile strength and wear resistance. Now the yarn sizing machine is immersed in the slurry through the sizing roller and directly enters the drying equipment. The slurry will drip in the drying equipment, which is difficult to collect and waste materials. Moreover, due to the influence of gravity, the slurry content of the yarn falling is relatively high, so that the distribution of the yarn slurry is not uniform, and the sizing has certain requirements on the slurry temperature.
Our sizing machines overcome the drawbacks of the existing sizing machine because the textile machine is stopped and the slurry is excessively condensed on the yarn, which affects the textile of the next process. The yarn sizing machine comprises a frame, a sizing stick arranged on the frame, a front guide bar and a rear guide bar before and after the sizing stick, a front tensioning roller and a rear tension roller disposed between the sizing stick and the front and rear guide bars. The front tensioning roller and the rear tensioning roller are disposed on one end having a fulcrum lever.
When the tensioning roller and the rear tensioning roller are in a falling state, the upper portion of the sizing bar intersects the upper and lower tangential lines of the front tensioning roller and the rear tensioning roller; the current tensioning roller and the rear tensioning roller are tilted, and the upper and the front of the sizing stick The tensioning roller and the rear tensioning roller are separated by an upper and lower cross tangent. When the yarn is taut, it will be sized; when the yarn is slack, it will not be sized. Therefore, the yarn is continuously accumulated to accumulate the solidified slurry.
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