Raschel Warp Knitting Machine

The raschel warp knitting machine is a type of warp knitting machine with the structure of the fabric pulling direction and the needle bar plane at an angle of more than 140°. It is often used to weave curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, blankets, lace bands, women's inner and outer clothes, fishing nets, bags and other warp knitted fabrics with complex structure. The angle between the Lacey machine cloth and the knitting needle is about 170 degrees, so the warp yarn can be woven. And it must have a fabric pull. Its warp beam is located in the upper part of the machine, and the number of combs is large.
Because of the large tensile tension of the fabric, it is possible to produce mesh fabrics, stretch-net fabrics and elastic pleated fabrics. The high tension of the yarn does not directly affect the knitting needle, so it can produce a dimensionally stable fabric as well as a low-density fabric.
In addition, it is a low-tension weave with a short feed path. It can be used with a variety of different materials such as: flat yarn, fiberglass, aramid, carbon fiber and wire. It does not produce high density fabrics. The fabric of the Raschel machine is harder to feel.
The swinging needle bed is gradually adopted on the Raschel machine. In addition to the up and down movement, the needle bed is also oscillated back and forth in the opposite direction to the bar to reduce the swinging motion of the bar. The more complex the pattern, the more different the amount of yarn required to weave each course. Therefore, on the Raschel machine, most of them use a passive let-off device. In order to expand the ability to form a flower color, some raschel machines are equipped with a device such as a pattern jacquard mechanism, a press plate, and a pattern cylinder.
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