PVC Mat Making Machine

This machine adopts advanced technology, and one-time molding methods have been greatly improved. The unit is formed from the upper layer of the underlying foam layer and the composite is completed once, the soft spray layer is stepped on to feel comfortable and it is corrosion resistant. If you replace different colors, then it can produce mats of different colors. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable product quality and high efficiency.
We are a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating technology development, equipment manufacturing and technological transformation. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and export of textile and plastic machinery. Our technical strength is strong, processing equipment is excellent, and testing methods are complete.
The plastic PVC carpet we produce is a kind of carpet material which is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, adding plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, and is uniformly kneaded and plasticized. It has the advantages of soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, self-extinguishing, and easy to clean. Therefore, it is often used in automotive goods and equipment stores. Residential, hotels, stage, shopping malls, buildings, public buildings, etc., which can also be used for anti-slip effects in the bathroom.
We are a professional manufacturers and suppliers of pvc mat making machine. Our company has been focusing on textile machinery for many years. Providing you with the best quality and price pvc mat making machine with competitive price and excellent service, we are looking forward to your cooperation.
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