Will Textile Garments Export Warmer

- May 15, 2017 -

In the first quarter of China's textile export growth momentum, the first quarter of the market activity and commodity price rises related, because the early Qing stock is relatively thorough, so the market in a large number of new procurement. Market performance in the previous quarter is higher than expected, as the international market has not yet a clear recovery, there is no strong demand, so the two-quarter export will also fall back, the future is not optimistic.

In the case of the Japanese market downturn, the OEM enterprises in the receipt of the orders to be subordinated to the interests of customers, according to the requirements of customers are forced to continuously improve the supply chain efficiency and quality. At the recent global supplier conference in Uniqlo, Uniqlo shortens the delivery of vendors from receipt to finished products to one months. This requires the supplier to have a high level of understanding from upstream to downstream and rapid response capacity, to the spinning mill, to the weaving and dyeing, it must form an efficient linkage, and this is not only challenging the comprehensive ability of a company, but the upstream and downstream suppliers to cooperate closely the test of the ability of the future international market competition is the overall supply chain competitive advantage.

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