Why Reserves Xinjiang Cotton, The Real Estate Cotton Performance Is Very Different?

- May 15, 2017 -

First, the reserves of Xinjiang cotton quality higher than the real estate cotton. 2011-2013-annual storage of Xinjiang cotton grades generally higher than the 1-3% of the proportion of white cotton in the 85-90, but then into the Yellow River valley, the Yangtze River Valley real Estate cotton is the majority of white cotton 3-4 grade. Reserve Cotton Review results show that the reserves of Xinjiang Cotton still occupy a large advantage, the color level achieves spinning 40S and above high yarn cotton matching standard; In addition, into the storage of Xinjiang cotton more than 3,128% of the larger proportion, fiber length, fracture ratio strength, "Three silk" content and other indicators are obviously better than the storage of real estate cotton. Cotton spinning Enterprises in Henan, Hebei and other lands said that the reserves of cotton needs to be blended into the 30 2016/17 of the year of Xinjiang cotton or imported cotton in order to spin 32S and cotton yarn, otherwise it will lead to 100 meters of breakage rate, CV value, hairiness, cotton knot and so on high, can not be delivered.

Second, the reserves of Xinjiang cotton consistency, spinning is significantly higher than the reserve property cotton. Reserves of Xinjiang Cotton due to the variety of small (especially in Bingtuan machine mining cotton), the quality of the flower is good, so the fiber neat high, the difference between the horse value is small, plus this year's reserve cotton wheel out single bundle of large weight, in favor of spinning 40S and above comb or combed yarn; but the real estate cotton varieties, processing quality is uneven, resulting in the same bundle, the same batch or even the same package of cotton quality, spinning problems.

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