Unifill Group Develops Digital Printing Impression

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Printing is one of the rising sectors in Bangladesh. Considering the customer needs, digital printing demand has been increasing rapidly across the decade, which is financially rewarding for the industry.

Unifill Composite Dyeing Mills Ltd, one of the renowned factories of Unifill Group, revealed an innovation in printing arena by developing a design, which seems nearly digital printed fabric in all over printing machine by employing their own strategy.

UDCML developing new design and concept in AOFigure 1: UDCML developing new design and concept in AOP.

Sayedur Rahman, General Manager (operation), Unifill Group, shared, “Now buyers are looking for variety in designs, they don’t want to take single design clothing much. Two years ago, as per as M&S buyer requirements, we added more colors in AOP design to get digital printing impression in all over printing machine by adopting pressure and other relevant technology.”

In near future, we have plans to install digital printing machine in our factory because we are seeing digital print as an attractive location for investment.


“Buyers have willingly accepted this attractive product and appreciated us for this innovation. Moreover, we are getting more prices for digital impression than normally printed fabric,” he added.

The dedicated and expert design team is continuously working on the Unifill Group to seek the attention of buyers for their designing creativity. This effort has achieved different buyers order for long terms.

Sayedur Rahman, GM (operation), Unifill GroupFigure 2: Sayedur Rahman, GM (operation), Unifill Group has shared their sucess story with Textile Today.

Unifill Group has 12-color two printing machines with knit fabric printing capacity of 8-20 ton per day and woven fabric printing capacity of 60-80 yards per day.

It is creating new value and adding business opportunities for fabric printers and this development is very positive for the future digital printing industry as they offer different choices for the end users. Digital printing can satisfy the customers demand without increasing cost and waste.

However, digital printing is expensive, but some forward-looking Bangladeshi companies have started making the digital printing to fulfill the customers’ demands.

A report shows that 1.9 billion sqm of digitally printed fabric represent only 5.5% of the total printed fabrics, which means the other 95% is an opportunity for digital printing technology.

Sayedur Rahman expressed, “In near future, we have plans to install digital printing machine in our factory because we are seeing digital print as an attractive location for investment.”

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