The Transition Of Textile Clusters

- May 15, 2017 -

All along, China's hundreds of textile and garment industry clusters with vigorous industrial vitality, in the promotion of textile and garment industry development, brand building, as well as speeding up rural industrialization, urbanization process, increase social employment and tax revenue, played an irreplaceable positive role. However, with the change of economic development mode, insufficient innovation motive force, imperfect industry, shortage of talented people, and so on, some "pain points" in the cluster development model are gradually appearing.

Pain point 1: lack of fashion atmosphere

Pain point 2: Imperfect industry

Pain point 3: industry talent to stay

In addition, industry personage said, because of undertaking to invest in the policy is unclear, the introduction of talented person service is not in place, also let a lot of professional and technical personnel in the medical treatment, children school and other basic level of life doubts exist, which also restricts the Midwest industrial clusters to the talent attraction.

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