The Textile Industry Held 2017-year Quarterly Economic Operation Symposium

- May 15, 2017 -

May 11, the China Textile Industry Federation Industrial Economic Research Institute organized a 2017-year quarterly textile industry economic Operation Symposium. CPC Party secretary and Secretary-General Gao Yong attended the meeting, vice president of Textile and Industrial Economic Research Institute Dean Sun Huaibin attended and presided over the meeting, Industrial Economics Research Institute, Productivity Promotion department, Planning Institute and other Industries integrated research departments as well as cotton, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, apparel, home textiles, industry and other professional associations of nearly 30, responsible for the economic operation of Comrade participated in the meeting.

The Industrial Economy Research Institute has interpreted the industry situation from the current industry production, investment, export, domestic market, quality efficiency and industry boom index. And from the global economic situation, international market demand and domestic consumption upgrading characteristics of the two-quarter, and 2017 industry trends; professional associations from raw materials and finished products prices, inventories, production and marketing, investment and marketing, the textile key sectors of the development of the situation, the characteristics of phases, future trends. The current textile industry's main product output, investment, efficiency and export indicators show signs of stability, as market demand gradually improved, the industry will maintain a smooth and good posture.

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