The Key To Mastering The Core Technology Is In People

- May 15, 2017 -

In textile machinery enterprises, managers need to start from the actual, from two aspects, do a good job.

One is to cultivate the subjective aspect. Enterprises first need to provide employees with "knowledge update", "regular charging" learning to improve the opportunity. The car to refuel, the new energy car also to charge, charging stays in order to proceed. Every a employees in the company after entering the post, whether engaged in product research and development work, manufacturing process work, quality control work, organization and management work or production line of the front-line work, the direct operation of each process, all must be able to conscientiously really learn, behave quietly, down-to-earth. To cultivate every a employees have the least motivated, enterprising, can have the idea of ownership, to the individual, to the enterprise, to the cause, to the society of high sense of responsibility. In an enterprise, up and down can establish a sense of responsibility to ensure product quality and improve the technical level of a reliable basis.

Second, the objective needs to create good conditions. Without objective cooperation, subjective factors are difficult to play. In the textile machinery enterprises to create the objective conditions, is nothing more than social environment, production work environment and living environment. Social environment is for employees to embody their own value to create conditions, forming a non-floating, the heart to pursue excellence in the social atmosphere, so that employees can be relieved to do well based on their own work. Production work environment is to create good working conditions, so that employees can be happy to work, so that employees have a comfortable environment to create labor results, and based on the size of the results obtained fair and equitable remuneration. Allow employees to work as a lifelong career. In impetuous, "noisy" environment with impatience mood, is not to do fine. Living conditions include a rich cultural life and comfortable accommodations.

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