The Development Of Textile Brands

- May 15, 2017 -

The brand construction of Chinese garment industry starts earlier, China's apparel awards have gone through more than 10 Yu Bo, forming an exception, Jiangnan cloth, ke Lettille, yi-hui, taiping birds and other women's brands, Youngor, red beans, strength, Lee Lang, and other men's brands, in addition to casual wear brands, sportswear brands of vast momentum. It can be said that brand building in China's apparel to the world in the process of making a great contribution.

Today, the country is based on the development of the characteristics and status quo of the industry, the establishment of "China brand Day", the holding of brand day activities, not only conducive to the cohesion of the whole society consensus, improve the awareness of independent brand, mobilize the enthusiasm of all sides, cultivate the development of independent brands, consumer independent brand products, enhance the protection of independent brands, help supply structure and demand structure upgrading. It is also conducive to creating a good atmosphere to publicize the brand, strengthen the independent brand knowledge popularization and education, improve the awareness of independent brands, expand the influence of independent brands, cultivate the consumer's own brand emotion, and establish the confidence of their own brand products. At the same time also conducive to build independent brand Exchange platform, display independent brand development results, share well-known brands of successful experience, the dissemination of independent brand culture connotation, establish a good image of China's own brand.

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