Textile And Garment Exports Spring To Spring?

- May 15, 2017 -

In recent years, China's textile and garment industry adhere to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, and constantly layout overseas markets, to achieve the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry, in the international competition has achieved good results. Industry experts believe that the future development of textile and garment industry from innovation, green, open and other aspects of efforts to achieve greater success.

This year, for China's textile and apparel trade barriers to frequent cases, the entire industry facing the situation compared to the same period of more severe in previous years. However, the reporter at the recently ended 121th Canton Fair found, with the country "along the way" construction of the advancement, the implementation of tax reduction policy and the impact of the industry transformation and upgrading of the effect of the manifestation of the overwhelming majority of textile and garment industry enterprises to maintain international competitiveness in the future optimistic.

2016, China's textile and garment exports accounted for about 37% of the total global exports, far exceeding the EU, India, Bangladesh and other exporters. SAMATAC, executive vice president of Li & Fung, thinks, China's textile and apparel production capacity "unmatched", China's intelligent manufacturing, automation and upgrading of the transformation can greatly enhance productivity, in order to compete with low-cost countries, especially in the completion of small batches, fast fashion, processing complex, high value-added orders to gain advantage.

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