Sueding Machine

- Mar 12, 2018 -


Entry frame(with main active drive)→open width roller→entry active→6pcs C-BAR(in the middle tension sensor)→sueding fabric come out active→brushing→tension control roller→brushing fabric come out→S dragging→swing doffing

Main technical data:

  1. Machine width2400mm

  2. typeplanet wheel 6 roller ceramic fiber sueding machine

  3. machine speed5-40m/min

  4. drive typeAC variable frequency

  5. compressed air4bar

  6. sueding roller RPM1390r.p.m.

  7. total motor:69.55kw

each part feature: 

  1. entry frameinclude cloth tight roller,entry main drive, Selvedge guider 

cloth tight deviceuse worm gear and worm adjustment formWorm gear and worm with standard in the form of the RV reducer of the nose,it’s easy to operate.

Entry frame main drivethis device used for stable fabric tension(especially for big roll directly sueding).

  1. Machine bodymain machine use Q235-A T=16mm steel weld into whole plate leveling cutting processing, length and height precision ±0.5mmparallel precision±0.5mmall process hole location use CNC water knife process(it’s cutting even and no defect ,not easy to be out of shape compared with traditional laser processing) 

  1. Sueding rollersueding roller core use hydraulic tubing made (uniform characteristics of the roller body, do not need to do static balance)  Ceramic fiber roller diameter φ290, 6pcs,control item number240#

Ceramic fiber roll balance precision grade G2.5test under 1600r.p.m.

  1. Stainless steel adjust draguse 2mm Stamping welded togetherparallel precision controlled under 0.1mm. two sides of drge adjust screw use precision turning(improve the adjustment of speed and precision ) 

  1. Fabric entry active unitactive unit use one pair of gear drive, main negative roller use rubber covered to ensure non-slip during sueding process. 

  2. Brushing systembrushing system use two times brushing, first brushing inside sueding area, second brushing use independent brushing de-dust box, it’s closed brushing process. After brushing fabric come out with two independent dust collecting roller to absorb the left pile on surface(each side) 

  3. Fabric doffing frameuse light aluminium alloy swing arm 

Electrical control system

  1. This machine use double tension control system, sueding area tension can be independently controlled to avoid long distance entry cause nonstable tension.

  2. Machine use AC variable frequency drive, human-computer interface and button SYNC control, touch screen control sueding process speed and tension. 

  3. sewingsewing use manual and automatic control type, make perfect connect during sewing to ensure sueding quality.

  4. Communication systemMITSUBISHI FX series  PLC provide two types of connection:

  5. Standard RS-232C 

  6. Standard RS-485 

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