Jan-Sep Imports Of Textile Machinery And Cotton Up In Xinjiang

- Nov 23, 2018 -

From January to September, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in Xinjiang Autonomous Region reached 225.022 billion yuan, an increase of 6.1% over the same period of the previous year. The growth rate was 3.1 percentage points lower than the national average growth rate of 9.2%.

Exports of agricultural products, cultural products, toys and high-tech products continued growing, and exports of mechanical and electrical products, clothing, footwear and textile products declined. The export of mechanical and electrical products was 2.697 billion US dollars, up 3%; the export of agricultural products was 6.152 billion US dollars, up 3.6%; the export of high-tech products was 3.932 billion US dollars, up 49%; the export of steel products was 269 million US dollars, up 8.4%. In the same period, clothing exports were 2.996 billion US dollars, down 16.5%; footwear exports were 1.494 billion US dollars, down 36.3%; textile products exports were 769 million US dollars, down 24.5%; luggage exports were 380 million US dollars, down 17.9%; toys exports were 370 million US dollars, down by 5.8%.

Imports of mechanical and electrical products, agricultural products, copper and copper ore increased, and imports of pulp and leather decreased. Imports of mechanical and electrical products reached 505 million US dollars, up 21.4%; imports of agricultural products were 406 million US dollars, up 37%; imports of copper were 261 million US dollars, up 87.7%; imports of copper ore were 232 million US dollars, up 39.8%; imports of iron ore were 204 million US dollar, up by 170.8%; the import of textile machinery was US$195 million, an increase of 46.2%; the import of cotton was US$151 million, an increase of 212.6%. In the same period, pulp imports were US$103 million, down 45.6%; leather imports were US$32 million, down 13.8%.

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