How To Look At The Situation Of Textile Exports?

- May 15, 2017 -

From the latest data released by the Customs Administration, China's textile and apparel exports in the first quarter showed warmer momentum. At the 121th Canton Fair site, part of the textile apparel exhibitors to speak frankly, the first quarter of the company's export orders as a whole good, and the customs announced data trend consistent.

However, in the face of a newly-picked export situation, exhibitors in charge of enterprises is not easy. At present, the global economy is still in the recovery stage, the situation of the international market demand downturn has not changed radically. From the domestic point of view, enterprises are facing the difficulties of rising cost. Most textile apparel export enterprises face the main dilemma is the order to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions transfer, these places to the EU, Japan and other economies export has a greater degree of tariff concessions, some enterprises are considered to be a large number of export orders transferred to Southeast Asian countries one of the important factors.

In the case of the advantages of production cost and weakening price advantage, the textile and garment export enterprises have begun to turn to overseas high-end market by upgrading the value-added products and improving the technical content of products, so as to get rid of the bondage of vicious competition in the low-end market. On the other hand, through the introduction of automatic reduction of the efficiency, the transformation and upgrading internal and external repair. At present, clothing exports to show a good momentum, but it is not fully determined that this year's apparel export situation has been good. For garment exporters, how to keep their exports to a good momentum is a longer-term plan.

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