Global Apparel Giants To Raise Orders From Turkey

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Many global apparel buyers, including Hermes OttoNewlookColvetaNear East Manufacturing and Varnern, announced that they would increase their orders from Turkey by about 20 percent.

apparel sector in TurkeyFigure: Turkey sees a huge increase in orders from global apparel giants.

“Apparel exports of $17 billion would increase to $18 billion this year and would reach around $25 billion in five years,” TGSD Chairman, HadiKarasu, said it in a meeting.

According to a report in a Turkish daily, Karasu and top domestic textile sector players stressed the importance of environment-friendly and quality products to make the rise in demand sustainable.

Country manager Hayrettin Uysal of Colveta, which every year purchases $46 million worth products from Turkey, said the company plans to raise that figure to $75 million within five years.

He said, “Turkey’s current share of their total purchases is 30 percent, stressing that they plan to increase this to 50 percent.”

“It is important for Turkey to increase production speed and quality in this process,” he added.

Hermes Otto aimed to increase purchases from Turkey to over $115 million in 2018, a 7 percent growth. It was reported that Verner, one of the major buyers, would increase its apparel order from Turkey, currently $63 million, by 5 to 10 percent this year. Near East Manufacturing, on the other hand, is ready to increase its $100 million order by 10 percent.


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