Embossing Machine

- Feb 28, 2018 -
  1. 1.Entry device use infrared ray tracing fabric tension,motor active sending fabric in pieces or roll

  2. L400mm air cylinder (pressure can be adjusted)

  3. 3.Heating use high temp. alloy aluminum plate empty the middle, electrical heating pipe heating,have up pattern aluminum plate 4pcs,down pattern aluminum plate 4pcs,8 temp. Control point.the embossing pattern aluminum plate have up and down pattern mould,installed on heating aluminum plate 

  4. 4.Whole machine work use Delta PLC and servo motor control,accurate connecting for patterns,machine speed 200m/hour,synchronize with speed chain 

  5. 5.Electrical part use Taiwan temp control meter,divide 8 points to control each area,motor use Delta servo motor,PLC use Delta 

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