China Spinning Machine To Pursue The Change Of Quality Benefit

- May 15, 2017 -

In the past few years after the market downturn, spinning machine business days seem to come at a draught. Since the second half of last year, many textile machinery Enterprise product orders began to grow. According to the Chinese Textile Machinery Association of 40 home textile machines and equipment parts production enterprises, the total number of enterprise orders increased 2016 accounted for up to 62.5%. For 2017 years of industry development situation, 51.3% of enterprises think the situation is optimistic, the optimistic attitude of the enterprise only accounted for 5.1%.

Vice president of China Textile Machinery Association Gu Ping analyzed the 2016 economic operation of the spinning machine industry and predicted the situation 2017. From the statistical data and research on the enterprise, the domestic market in the 2016 three or four quarters and early 2017 showed a warming trend. Although the textile machinery industry restructuring and upgrading pressure still exist, but 2017 years of operation is expected to be better than 2016. 

At present, the textile machinery market is characterized by the same emphasis on domestic and foreign markets; new (Xinjiang) project and stock technical renovation project active; Complete sets of equipment manufacturers market advantages, personalized machine differentiated demand market, technology progress to create market demand, brand advantages appear; Gu Ping said, relative to the volume of the deceleration, spinning machine enterprises in adjusting the production management strategy, improve the quality of operation, development of intelligent equipment and provide overall solution, and so on progress obviously. Spinning machinery, chemical fiber machinery, non-woven machinery, knitting machinery, weaving machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery and other segments of the industry, textile machinery Enterprises are constantly introducing new products to meet the downstream customers in the new varieties, intelligent manufacturing, energy-saving and environmental protection and other aspects of multi-dimensional demand.

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