Textile Machinery

- May 15, 2017 -

Textile machinery is the natural fiber or chemical fiber processing into the textile needs of various machinery and equipment. The production of chemical fiber machinery, although including a variety of chemical machinery, is now considered to be the extension of textile machinery, belonging to the broad sense of textile machinery. Cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fibers to be processed into textiles, the required process is not the same, and some are totally different, so the need of a variety of machines, a wide range. 

Textile machinery is usually classified according to the production process: spinning equipment, weaving equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, finishing equipment, chemical fiber ladder equipment, silk reeling equipment and non wovens from equipment. Spinning equipment is divided into two types of staple fibers and processing long fibers. Cotton and cotton type chemical fiber is a staple fiber, wool, hemp, silk and its blended fiber is a long fiber category. Two kinds of fibers are different processing operations, equipment can not be universal, but some machines are similar to the design principle. Even if the same type of equipment, the structure of the machine is similar, but because of the nature of the raw materials and the final requirements of the fabrics are different, generally not universal.

Textile machinery is the production means and material basis of the textile industry, its technical level, quality and manufacturing cost are directly related to the development of the textile industry.

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