- May 15, 2017 -

The repetition coefficient of each machine with 10 pieces is another characteristic of the textile machinery. In the spinning frame as an example, each has 400 ingots, simultaneously spinning 400 yarn, it needs the same steel collar, spindles and other 400. As for knitting machines, the number of needles is even larger. 6.6 meters high speed warp knitting machine each requires 7280 slot-shaped stitches. Production of these parts machinery factory needs to design according to the parts bulk size of the corresponding tools, fixtures, molds until the dedicated multi-workstation automatic machine tool or special assembly lines to ensure that these parts production of high efficiency, high quality and low cost. 

The complexity of textile machinery parts also manifests in kind, because the processing object is different, need according to cotton, hemp, wool, silk, chemical fiber and other raw materials design and manufacture different kinds of parts. For example, a spinning spindle will have a larger size than a cotton spinning spindle, but the structure is similar. Again, because of the diversity of fabric width, there must be a structure of the same principle and work range of different types of machines. If the above-mentioned parts and machine parameters can be arbitrarily developed, it will give the textile machinery Factory product design efficiency, production management and production costs adversely affect, and will make the textile mill equipment management, vulnerable parts reserves, repair and replacement of the workload, even cause the plant management disorder. The purpose of standardization is the design basis of a set of machine with different capacity as the main technical parameter which is to be simplified as far as possible with the proper distribution of numerical spacing. such as spinning frames by the spindle distance, loom and printing and dyeing machine according to the range of work, knitting machine by the diameter of the needle, each form a serialization design.

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