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- May 15, 2017 -

Textile machinery manufacturing industry is divided into two categories: one is the manufacture of the whole machine, the other is the manufacture of special parts (such as spindles, rocker, steel collar, wire rings, knitting needles, needle cloth, silk, stop film, etc.). The manufacturing of the entire textile machinery factory equipment accounted for the proportion of plant equipment, so in certain conditions can be transformed to produce other machinery. Manufacturing special Spare parts factory special equipment, special line of the proportion of large (especially knitting needles, needle cloth), transformation varieties are more difficult. In the various types of processing, the proportion of casters in the gradual narrowing, cold stamping, grinding, electroplating, polishing and other proportion of the gradual increase. CNC machine tools, multi-station automatic machine tools to replace the local special machine tools, so that the adaptability of production, flexibility enhancement.

Textile machinery, the process of strong, complex structure, parts, before the factory need to carry out pre-assembly or partial assembly, and then carry out the production test or local production test to ensure that the machine quality meets the requirements. Textile Machinery Factory has a well-equipped testing department.

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