Mechanical Characteristics of textile machinery

- May 15, 2017 -

Process, continuity, complete set of high speed, efficiency, maintenance, standardization, serialization, general purpose; Low energy consumption, low noise, low pollution, is the characteristics and direction of modern textile machinery.

In modern times, people have deepened the understanding of the structure and physical and chemical properties of fibers, thus creating more and more advanced process methods, which can give full play to the characteristics of fibers and fabrics. In order to tie in with this development, modern textile machinery use mechanical technology, electrical technology, especially weak technology to create a wide range of different performance machines. For example, the preparation process of industrial coated fabrics has three kinds of coating method, roller pressing method and lamination method, and the machine design has three different structures correspondingly. Also such as synthetic fibers to the dye affinity is smaller, in response to this point to create a shortened dyeing time and achieve good dyeing fastness to high temperature (130 ℃), high-pressure (2.7 kg/cm) dyeing equipment.

The continuity of textile machinery is subject to the process. For example: spinning 20.8~27.8 number cotton yarn, from cotton to spinning the total stretch multiples of 13900~19000 times. Process needs to pass through cotton, carding, and strip, roving, spinning and other processes, so the drafting must be assigned to the corresponding equipment to complete the operation. and the process of resin processing (see crease-proof finishing), the fabric dipped in the resin in the first dip mill, then in baking machine, the resin is condensed in the fiber between the high temperature treatment, finally in the flat washing machine by soap wash, washed away with the resin residue, and then drying with dryer. The process is determined by the process requirements and cannot be reversed, unconditionally omitted or merged.

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