Man-made stone cloth Machine

- May 15, 2017 -

Man-made stone cloth machine belongs to man-made stone, especially the stone platen of man-made quartz stone manufacturing and production areas. A novel cloth method for man-made stones is provided, characterized by: the artificial stone preloading is mounted into the cylinder as a net-shaped drum, then rotates the drum or rotates and moves the drum, then the material is scattered evenly from the mesh hole and is dispersed in the mould cavity or the belt that seizes the operation, thus realizing the cloth process.

Background technology

The existing man-made stone, especially the gang stone plate of man-made quartz stone color single cloth method is old-fashioned, the market on the two-color multi-color texture is unnatural, stable poor, low production efficiency, manual cloth method mainly. The existing man-made stone, especially the gang stone press plate artificial quartz stone automatic cloth is to stir rod or stirring leaves to make artificial stone preloading mandatory to scrape into the mold cavity or presses on the belt, in order to realize the cloth process, some cloth process will be double color and particle texture scraping or scraping flowers, texture is not natural, stable poor.

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