Main Features

- May 15, 2017 -

1. Material silo Add wear-resisting material lining board, reduce material adhesion, reduce material knot arch.

2. Attached vibrating motor, with special installation structure, can make the whole surface of the hopper even vibrate, the arch and the material effect is better.

3. Using four-mouth spiral high-precision quantitative cloth, cloth volume error less than 2%, according to the on-site process, line, cloth speed stepless flexible adjustment.

4. The Cloth spiral blade edge inserts weld alloy wear block, ensures the spiral shaft can function normally 10 months, the spiral shaft design becomes easy disassembly way.

5. The Cloth machine hopper door open and open hydraulic accumulator, can quickly open and close, make precise cloth, prevent the rest of the material falling, pneumatic shut down.

6. The cloth machine is equipped with anti-collision safety device, the cloth machine moves to ensure the operator's personal safety and equipment safety.

7. In order to clean up the cloth machine, the bottom screw conveyor is designed to open and open three parts, the use of hydraulic opening and closing can easily exhaust residual sandstone, can be emergency discharge.

8. The cloth machine is arranged below the cleaning hopper, can collect the sewage gravel and the washing cloth machine, protects the clean sanitation of the workshop.

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