Low noise of textile machinery

- May 15, 2017 -

The pollution caused by textile machinery in the process of use is mainly noise, dust, poisonous and harmful gases and waste water containing harmful substances. The reason has the equipment factor and the craft factor two respects. Noise is a mechanical vibration wave by air as a carrier. Most of the workshops in the textile mill, especially the mechanical noise in weaving workshops. The measures that can be taken in the textile machinery are: The inner wall of the hood shell lining the silencer material, the flexible toothed transmission belt replaces the chain drive and the gear transmission, enhances the movement parts precision and the dynamic balance, the high speed parts and the rack between the mounting the shock washer and so on. However, some noise abatement measures also bring negative factors such as the inconvenience of operation maintenance after installing the acoustic shield. 

Creatively improving mechanical design is the fundamental measure to reduce noise, such as the noise of shuttle-free loom (finds weaving) is approaching the requirement of environmental protection. In order to reduce the micro-dust linen in the process of equipment operation, the design of spinning machine can be improved, such as the sealing of the casing and the centralized filtration of dust-containing air in the workshop, the fresh air will be returned to the workshop, or the two-level dust filter equipment is used for the cleaning of cotton, comb cotton, combed and other machines, the emission of dust-containing air filtration and will be recycled cotton, so that the air to meet the environmental protection regulations.

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