High efficiency of textile machinery

- May 15, 2017 -

The high efficiency of the textile machinery is based on the high speed degree and the corresponding other measures. such as the exhaust cotton box and carding machine from the successful development of the whole set, the realization of the cotton and carding of the Union, thereby eliminating the winding process and cotton-forming device, saving a lot of handling work, improve efficiency. Combed wool spinning due to the use of self-mixing device (see the stretch from the whole mix) to make the number of spinning process by the 7~10 Road in the 40 's reduced to 4~7 road, reducing the machine to match, save the plant area, saving investment and labor, reduce costs. It is another measure to improve the working efficiency of textile machinery by replacing the heavy manual labor and reducing the operation workers by mechanization and automation device. 

The modern spinning frame is equipped with automatic yarn-dropping intubation and head device, replacing the heavy artificial falling yarn operation; The automatic fitting device replaces the artificial circuit joint. Textile machinery is the original simulation of the movement of people constantly improve, now has become a highly sophisticated and artistic and automated machinery. The microelectronics technology, microprocessor and electronic computer generated by the development of LSI began to penetrate into single and complete sets of textile machinery. High-speed automatic winding machine equipped with electronic gauze, can automatically check out yarn defects and rough details, automatic excision and automatic knot, but also with the microprocessor interface for yarn defects, weight section of the classification of statistics. With a microprocessor-based cloth inspection function displays the statistics on the defect category, the defect location, the length of each cloth (deduct the bad cloth part) and the weight in the form of the statistical table, and in a batch of cloth after the output of the total volume of the batch, classification of defects and bad cloth deduction of the report, can also print out results or record on the tape for future inspection.

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