Textile Washing Machine

Due to the requirements of the appearance, feel and style of silk fabrics, knitted fabrics and some imitation wool, imitation silk chemical fibers and their blended fabrics, their dyeing and finishing should be carried out under tension.
The textile washer technology is a kind of dynamic roller that circulates in a limited space while a plurality of fabrics are simultaneously washed and rinsed. In a certain space, the water temperature can be adjusted in real time according to user needs. The machine will maintain a stable working condition under working conditions. The most important function of this unit is to save water and energy. The performance of this product is stable and it ensures the washing requirements of the cloth.
The structure of the whole machine is novel, the level of automation is high, the precision of mechanical transmission and tension control is high, and the product has reached the domestic advanced level. The energy-efficient knit flat-width washing machine is an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and time-saving device designed and manufactured for the shortage of rope and overflow machines. Full computer control and online monitoring of the production process enhances automation in the production process.
In addition to its high efficiency and energy saving advantages, our textile washing machine uses a unique rotor design to enhance the oscillating washing effect and advanced automatic control system to reduce the fabric tension. This kind of equipment has small stretching effect on the product, and achieves ideal effects in terms of color brightness, whiteness and washing fastness.
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