Textile Laminating Machine

The textile laminating machine applies a certain amount of pressure on the surface of the multilayered material to tightly press the materials together. The difference is that the conditions of the press are different depending on the purpose of the lamination.
The high-temperature cloth automatic laminating machine inside the conveyor belt for the conveyor belt is conveyed by a high-temperature and anti-adhesive conveyor belt. Since the laminating machine is evacuated, in order to prevent the cloth from being sucked, the surface of the cloth is required to have a grain, and the tension of the conveyor belt during transportation is not too large.
Our laminating machine has a stable pressure rise, high pressure control accuracy, and accurate control of constant pressure time, so the product is evenly pressed in all directions.
The laminating machine produced by our company adopts touch digital control technology, which is easy to operate, quick in response, stable in performance, economical and practical. The company can design and produce various types of laminating machines and auxiliary equipment according to the needs of customers, and can meet the different needs of customers.
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