Sueding Machine

The sueding machine can make the surface of the cloth fluff and is used to make a suede non-woven fabric. The main working principle of the machine is that the needle-punched fabric enters the brush surface of the bottom beam of the brush drive, and the needle-punching machine equipped with a fork-shaped needle or a crown-shaped needle performs high-speed acupuncture, and the burr is single-sided, thereby achieving flocking effect. It adds a wide range of adjustment functions and stepless adjustment of fabric tension, which increases the flexibility to develop different fabric varieties and different suede styles.
The pile density of the fabric surface can be controlled by adjusting the number of processing times and the sueding machine. When the fluffing is softer, the needle roller can be used to perform single-action operation in the same direction as the fabric; when the fluffing is strong, the needle roller can be double-acting in the opposite direction to the fabric.
Textile finishing is one of the most commonly used finishing methods for textiles. It is especially widely used on wool fabrics.
1 needle punch frequency is high, no oil leakage;
2. PLC automatic control is adapted, which is easy to operate;
3. The equipment is stable and not easy to malfunction.
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