Stenter Machine

The tenter is a kind of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory, which is designed to stretch the fabric by heating and stretching the two sides, and to make the width of the latitude of the latitude uniform.
working principle:
Because natural fiber fabrics such as cotton yarn, silk, wool, etc. have a certain degree of wet heat plasticity, in the printing and dyeing process, after scouring, drifting, dyeing, water washing and other wet heat processing, the whole fabric is elongated in the warp direction, the weft direction is shortened, and the cloth surface is also not flat. By the warming of the tenter and the application of the transverse drafting effect, the weft direction can be widened and uniform, so that the cloth surface is flat and beautiful, and the deformation of the fabric during the cutting and sewing process can be reduced.
Main structural features:
The machine adopts the building block type small circulation drying room structure, and each section of the drying room is an independent temperature control unit.
Circulating fan adopts axial flow fan, wedge-shaped air duct and small round hole evenly distributed.
The air duct can be taken out from the side of the drying room for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The filter can be cleaned from the outside of the oven.
The tenter track adopts cast iron flat field track, and the tenter chain adopts the off-chain chain.
Infrared edge detection device is adopted to ensure the needle on the fabric is reliable.
It can be equipped with rolling mill and weft-aligning device according to need.
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