Shearing Machine

The shearing machine is a textile finishing equipment and is one of the main equipment for finishing the plush products. The shearing machine is also designed in various structural combinations. The main forms are single-pole shearing machine, hot-cutting shearing machine, bristled hot-cutting and shearing machine, and hair-cutting combined machine. Since the surface of the pile fabric is woven, untwisted or fluffed, the length of the pile fiber is different, sometimes it is necessary to trim the pile; or the knitted loop fabric needs to be cut and cut, which is what the shearer wants to achieve. purpose.
The shearing process can be generally divided into pre- (primary) shearing, final (fine) shearing and fancy shearing. Pre-cutting can reduce the pressure of one-time shearing for the final shear and ensure the quality of the final cut. The flower cut is the type of flower that is cut out of the suede, depending on the type of the knife.
Due to the variety and style of fabrics, the required processing techniques are different. For example, a flat shearing process. The fabric must first be pre-cut, then sizing, hot, and finally fine-cut. The product requires a smooth suede, the fluff is straight, loose, and has a good luster and feel. Therefore, it is necessary to select different shearing machines according to different fabrics and purposes.
The machine has high shearing efficiency and good running rigidity. The adjustment of the shear height is driven by a single motor and it can be displayed digitally for easy and intuitive operation. In addition, it has seam detection, electro-acoustic alarm, manual switch to control the knife clutch. Its structure is simple and reliable. The spiral knife and the flat knife pneumatic clutch can make the pressure constant and easy to operate. Additional separation protection for safer operation. A variety of options are available to the user to suit different process needs.
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