Raising Machine

The following machines are fully computer controlled raising machines. It is mainly used for knitwear, including the surface raising of cylinders and open knits.
The principle of the raising of the wire clothing raising machine: the fabric passes through a series of raising rollers wrapped with a steel wire cloth, and the fibers in the weft yarn of the fabric are picked up by the needle tip of the metal card clothing, and the pile is broken to form a pile.
The fluffing agent is actually equivalent to a soft treatment, and it can be handled in two ways:
1. In the tank, after washing the dyed water, add the hair raising agent to make it shape and fluff.
2. The fluffing agent is used directly in the setting tank. The cloth passes through the shaping groove and then heat-sets and fluffs.
Involved problems
Slippery phenomenon during fluffing: when using poor hair raising agent, if the dosage is small, the effect is not achieved; if the amount of the hair raising agent is too much, the cloth surface is too viscous and too slippery, which causes the steel needle to easily slide the needle (leaked needle) during the process of grasping the hair.
The phenomenon of singeing during the raising process: In the process of plucking the hair, it is easy to cause singeing due to friction and static electricity, which is especially serious for polyester fabrics. Therefore, the anti-static effect of the hair raising agent is better.
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