Quilting Machine

The quilting machine is a textile machine for sewing a line pattern of a mattress, a bed cover, a quilt, and the like. It is similar to the principle of a sewing machine. (The sewing machine moves by the textile and the machine is stationary. The quilting machine moves by the machine and the textile is stationary).
Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, the computer quilting machine has broken through its function of simply drawing a semi-coordinate simple pattern. Under the control of precise computer system, the computer quilting machine can perfectly handle all kinds of complex patterns compiled on the entire coordinate system. In terms of production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, it is unmatched by the previous mechanical machines.
Our quilting machines use advanced mechanical manufacturing techniques and computer controls. Its selection of materials can improve the stability of the machine. Increased spindle speed increases work efficiency. The straight running system of the machine head is finished with small error, stable operation and low noise. It has the function of image tracking and image insertion, and has the function of quick pattern editing. It can realize multiple independent step quilting and has the function of pattern compensation, which can solve the problem of pattern deformation caused by the thickening of the quilting material. The operation of this device is similar to that of an infrared sensor, and the operation is safer.
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