Printing Machine

The printing machine is mainly divided into: thermal transfer printing machine, digital printing machine (universal printer) flat screen printing machine and rotary screen printing machine, walking printing machine and so on.
Our printing machine is suitable for any flat printing process and has been successfully applied to garment cuttings, shoe materials, webbing, luggage, leather, PVC transparent film, silk flower, umbrella, umbrella, advertising umbrella, large-format clothing, leather, etc.
The printing machine is fully automatic in printing, positioning, scraping, sealing, shifting, etc., without manual intervention, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the printing master;
The pressure of the scraper of the printing machine is kept consistent, the squeegee is stable, the sealing oil is uniform, the printing color difference is reduced, and the printing quality is improved;
Scratch printing can continue to operate continuously, and production efficiency can be greatly improved;
The touch screen man-machine dialogue interface, with a variety of humanized work modes, specially designed with multiple times of setting the number of times. The number of times is set arbitrarily, the bottoming process is automatically completed, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.
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