Dyeing Machine

The dyeing machine is a multi-media color output device. Its printing is not limited by any materials, and it can be printed on all kinds of fabric media without coating, such as cotton, leather, nylon, denim, silk and other soft and hard material output. The printed colors are beautiful, the effects are realistic, and the images are waterproof, sun-proof, abrasion-resistant with strong adhesion. The device is simple and convenient to operate, which has wide application, fast printing image and low cost. It can replace silk screen, pad printing and transfer equipment. It can eliminate the need for plate making, eliminate the need for repeated color registration, and realize the barrier-free printing of the uneven surface. It completely overcomes the problem that the traditional printing and dyeing industry cannot print the gradient color and can only print on the plane. The printing and dyeing process has zero discharge of sewage, safe and hygienic work environment, and it creates higher printing quality than traditional methods, fully meeting the high-intensity mass production requirements of the printing and dyeing industry, thereby significantly improving the market competitiveness of your products.
Technical features:
1. This product is suitable for textile, printing and dyeing enterprises;
2. It can inspect the quality of woven fabrics such as chemical fiber and cotton;
3. PLC, frequency conversion control, automatic tension adjustment, which is independent driving;
4. Photoelectric automatic centering device;
5. Pneumatic lock cloth sampling, sewing machine cloth head;
6. The fabric to be inspected is directly driven in large package (A-frame), maintaining a constant tension in the middle;
8. Electronic code table, accurate measurement.
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