Brushing Machine

In the textile market, sanded fabrics play an important role. It has a thick, soft and warm character that improves the performance of the fabric. In particular, textiles such as jeanette that has been sanded and processed are favored by users.
These brushing machines are used to solve the adverse consequences of the presence of waste hair in the process of printing and dyeing fabrics.
The fabric brushing machine is a device that cleans the surface of the fabric to remove dust and impurities from the surface of the fabric. The fabric passes through a brush roller which rubs the surface of the fabric by a brush roller to determine the rolling direction of the fabric. It removes the cut ends to make the fabric surface smooth. The carding system improves the quality of the fabric and maintains the quality of the raw fabric. After the dust particles sucked out by the high-pressure suction fan are brushed, the dust is stored in the dust bag.
This brushing machine adapts to the rhythm of the printing machine and save costs. It can erase the fluff brushed by the brush roller.
The machine comprises a frame, a motor, a shifting mechanism, a boiler, and is characterized in that it further comprises a guide roller, a steam nozzle, a brush roller and a drying cylinder. The machine can effectively process the elastic flat flannel, so that the newly produced elastic flat flannel is elastic, and has good drape and comfort.
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