Finishing Machine

Finishing Machine includes Shearing Machine, Shearing Machine, Sueding Machine, Raising Machine, Quilting Machine, Stenter Machine and the like. These machines are mainly used for the finishing of fabrics.
Different machines have different functions. For example, some devices can mechanically relax the fabric structure. It reduces the stiffness of the fabric by multiple tapping and rolling to increase the fullness and bulkiness of the fabric surface; the raising machine is suitable for cotton, wool, chemical fiber and its blended fabric, weft-knitted leather base fabric, warp and weft knitted suede, short plush and the like for the raising of fabrics with higher requirements for raising. Also it is suitable for cotton, cotton blend and warp, wool, wool blend and chemical fiber fabrics. Since the nylon knit fabric needs to be washed after washing, our flat-width washing machine adopts various comprehensive measures such as spray rinsing, overflow, reflow and low liquid level to improve the cleaning effect and improve the efficiency. Moreover, the washing machine can reduce the tension of the fabric, and it has a small effect on the product, and achieves an ideal effect in various aspects such as color vividness, whiteness and washing fastness.
We are a professional manufacturers and suppliers of finishing machine. Our company has been focusing on textile machinery for many years. Providing you with the best quality and price finishing machine with competitive price and excellent service, we are looking forward to your cooperation.
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