Circular Knitting Machine

Because the knitting circle machine has many looping systems (called the number of yarn paths or loops in the enterprise), the rotation speed is high, the output is high, the flower shape changes quickly, the fabric quality is good, the process is small, and the product adaptability is strong. Therefore, it develops fast.
Knitting large circular machines are generally divided into two categories: single-sided series and double-sided series. However, according to the type of fabrics produced by the factory, there are the following types: ordinary single-face knitting circular machine, single-face terry machine, three-line weft knitting machine, jacquard single-face knitting large circular machine, rib Machine, ordinary double-sided large circular machine, jacquard double-knit large circular machine, etc.
The knitting circular machine is composed of a frame, a yarn feeding mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a lubricating dust removal (cleaning) mechanism, an electric control mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism, and other auxiliary devices.
Our knitting circular machine adopts international advanced thread adjusting device and computer control system, and is equipped with a dust suction device to effectively protect the stability of the thread adjusting machine. It can produce single-sided tissue color strip cloth. This machine can make the cloth completely free of creases. It does not waste fabric at all, so it can reduce costs and increase profits. This machine can fix the size and tightness of the cloth to achieve the required width and weight of the fabric.
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